Technology Blog- Wall Wisher- 11/26/12

For this week’s technology journal, I chose to explore WallWisher. The practice wall that I created can be found here: I chose to explore this tool because it seems like a simple alternative to a website. I have a hard time keeping up with a website, but since this is just drag and drop I might be more inclined to keep up with it!

For the most part I really like WallWisher. It is very simple and easy to use, and I like that it opens attachments in new windows instead of making the reader open up Word. I also like that there are small previews of each wall post so that you can look at what you’re going to be opening before the reader opens it. The only thing I disliked about WallWisher is that, at first, I could not find a way to post PowerPoint presentations. The only way I could find to post them was to make them public in my SkyDrive, get a link, and post that link. While kind of inconvenient, I was glad to find a way that worked.

The WallWisher website makes WallWisher very easy to use. One of my favorite parts of getting started with it was the ideas on the sign up page. Without it, I would not have known where to start with my wall. The instructions and the “Help” page also made WallWisher very easy to use, but for the most part it is simple enough to figure out on your own.

I think once I get around to creating an updated website, WallWisher would be a good source to use. As a community library, a lot of our patrons are older. If I wanted to link to a way to download books onto the Kindle, post about new arrivals, or link to book reviews, it is simple enough that our patrons who struggle with technology could navigate it.


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