Reading Journal- Library Media Connection- 10/15/12

For this week’s journal, I explored Library Media Connection online. I chose to look at it because of its easy access to book reviews, articles, webinars, etc. The resource can be found here:

For the most part, I focused on reading the book reviews on Library Media Connection. It was a rough week in my library this week, and all I wanted to do was read about and order books. (I feel as though technology integration is a fight I will be fighting as long as I work here- this week I couldn’t even bring myself to read about it.) I read through the 2012 selections as well as some 2011 ones, because some authors and selections in my library are very outdated.

I really enjoyed using the resource itself. There were podcasts and webinars available for free that I will probably look at at a later date. The book reviews as well as the articles were organized by month and year, so they were easy to access and sort through. I think I would like to start receiving the magazine in order to get the most use out of Library Media Connection, though. There were some articles I saw listed that I would have liked to read but (I think) are only available in the physical magazine.

The content itself was wonderful. The reviews are listed as Highly Recommended, Recommended, Additional Selection, and Not Recommended. I loved that they included “Not Recommended” books, because by including them I could help recognize what to steer away from. They were also organized by subject (i.e.- counseling, science, health, etc.) I got a lot of good ideas from the book reviews, including purchasing a book for the Jr. High science teacher entitled “47 Things You Can Do for the Environment”- a book aimed at teens and how the small things they can do help save the Earth. (The Jr. High Science teacher is very environmentally-conscious, and tries to teach his kids to be, too.) I also got some great suggestions for Easy books such as “Bedtime is Canceled” and “Leave Me Alone: A Tale of What Happens When You Stand Up to a Bully.” The only disappointing thing about the content (and I acknowledge that this is of no fault of the reviewers) was the amount of fairy tale books that came back as “Not Recommended.” I love fairy tale stories as well as fairy tale spoofs, so I would get so excited every time I was about to read about one, only to see that the author seemed to miss the point.

Overall, I think I’ll keep going back to Library Media Connection. It seems as though it will be a good tool when it comes time to order books, as long as I can get my library out of the habit of only ordering what’s safe.


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