Technology Journal- YouTube- 10/8/12

For this week’s Technology Journal, I chose to take a closer look at YouTube. Obviously I have used YouTube before, but I chose it because I have never explored the website as a library and/or teaching tool, and I think it will be very beneficial in coming up with creative ideas in both areas of my life. The channel that I learned to manage can be found here:

Overall, I think this YouTube Channel and the subscriptions I chose based off of the list will be a useful tool for me. I chose to subscribe to TedtalksDirector, HarperKids, SimpleK12Team, Scholastic Teens, and PenguinYoungReaders. There were quite a few things that I like about the tool, such as the easy access to “book trailers” through different channels. One especially cool one I found was a hidden “Superhero Test” advertising a YA book. The student could go through and figure out what kind of superhero he would be, but the parts of the test themselves are not searchable. By putting videos like this on a library’s website, YouTube could serve as a way of getting students interested in books they otherwise might not know about. I also like being able to sort videos into different playlists. So far, I set up a playlist for Library books, Library Tech, Teaching (English), and one called “Just For Fun” that will have videos that are still educational but may not fall into any of those categories. This will be beneficial once I get more videos watched and favorited because I won’t have to remember how to search them or look through all of the videos that I have saved at once.

While YouTube is obviously very user-friendly, getting started with it was a bit of a pain. I ended up just creating a new e-mail address, and at first had trouble distinguishing between my YouTube profile and the Google+ profile that is automatically set up (I’ll partly blame that on sleep depravation.)

There are quite a few ways that YouTube can be used as a library tool; however, I feel as though it will need to be used subtly. First of all, YouTube is blocked at my school (I know, I know- not an excuse!) but I can work on getting it unblocked on the library computers. In addition, there is a negative perception of YouTube as a time waster. While it will be beneficial in hearing about new books and getting creative ideas for promoting books and technologies as I discussed above, I cannot really spend time on it at school without getting some questionable looks. While I will absolutely keep checking back to the channels I subscribed to for book, promotion, and activity suggestions, I will mostly need to do it from home.


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October 7, 2012 · 10:39 pm

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