Professional Reading Journal 10/1/12- The Unquiet Librarian

For this reading journal entry I explored the blog “The Unquiet Librarian.” Honestly, I chose it because I know I have heard good things about it, although I cannot tell you from where. (Perhaps it was mentioned in class or in the first book we read- I simply don’t remember.) Anyway, the article I focused on was entitled “Choosing an eBook Platform” because, as I believe I have stated before, I would like to start integrating eBooks into my library over the next few years (as long as the town I work in catches up technologically, that is.) The post was displayed in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that I believe the author used at a conference. It can be found here:

The presentation had a lot of information in it. Tips on how to choose an eBook platform included issues in eBook platforms, questions and values to consider while choosing a platform, key features of multiple eBook platforms (Mackin, Baker & Taylor, Kindle/Nook, etc.) and resources for finding free eBooks. Key features of the platforms included things like databases, fees, number of titles, publishers, drawbacks, etc.

The resource itself was very good. Her presentation had a lot of great information in it. Since I have never had to work with eBooks outside of my own Kindle, there were a lot of aspects of choosing a platform that I never would have even thought about (for example certain publishers only using certain platforms.) In addition, I did not know about all of the platforms outside of Kindle and Nook, and now when I do choose one I will have quite a few to choose from as well as positives and negatives for each.

Unfortunately, since the post was in presentation mode, there were a lot of things about it that I did not understand. I think that the presentation was probably ideal when coupled with the author actually speaking and presenting the information. On its own, however, there were some slides that had titles or information that left me with questions. Obviously, once I decide to try to incorporate eBooks into my library, I will have to do a lot more research. Until then, however, this presentation is bookmarked on my computer and will serve as a great starting point!


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