Technology Journal- Shelfari/GoodReads- 9/24/12

For this week’s technology journal, I explored Shelfari through Amazon, and made a profile for my school’s library: I also further explored GoodReads. I had a GoodReads profile for myself, but had only really used it to find quotations and book reviews.

I chose to explore Shelfari primarily because I like GoodReads, and thought they seemed very similar with one important difference: I could import my books from Amazon. I was drawn to this because when I started my GoodReads account, it was almost overwhelming trying to pick which books to review straight out of my head. With Shelfari, I could import the books that the library has been buying lately rather than having to choose randomly from the stacks.

As mentioned, I like the function of being able to import books from Amazon. I also like being able to look at a list of the popular authors in my library. This should make ordering new books that come out easier. Other than that, I am not a huge fan of Shelfari as a Library tool. A lot of the website is based on being able to interact with “Friends” and other groups which is hard to do because not a lot of people have Shelfari. I created a personal account thinking I would get more use out of it, and still couldn’t really connect with people. On my GoodReads, on the other hand, I have plenty of friends and friend recommendations to choose from.

My experience with the tool overall was good. Before you register there’s a quick tutorial that I watched that was helpful in finding out what Shelfari had to offer and navigating around the website. I also enjoyed reading reviews on different books. In the end, however, I think I would continue to use GoodReads until Shelfari gets more popular.

One way that I already use GoodReads in my library work is for book recommendations. I have a lot of friends who teach high school, so their reviews are a good resource when it comes to what I should and should not order for my library. Shelfari could be beneficial in my library as well (once I have more time) because of the Groups available to join. If I joined one geared toward young adults, I could get a lot of recommendations on what to buy as well.


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